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Describe your issue as clearly as possible, including the order intentions, time of occurrence in UTC and other specific details. For trade-related issues, ensure that you are using the Trade Issue Inquiry form (http://bit.ly/TradeIssue ) and clearly indicate the affected #OrderID, which can be found in http://bit.ly/BybitOrderHistory For XRPEOS deposit claims, ensure that you are using the Missing EOS Memo XRP Tag form (http://bit.ly/XRPEOSform ) and attach the URL for your deposit proof video. For Google Drive URL, refer to http://bit.ly/GDriveURL For Wetransfer URL, refer to http://bit.ly/WeTransferURL Consider attaching other relevant supporting documents, screenshots, screen recordings, etc that you believe may aid in our review. Depending on inquiry volume, Bybit CS usually gives our traders a response within 3 business days.

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